8:30am report is almost there

5:20am - video done!!!!!

Video is done, due to a lack of preparation there was learning on the software, along with culling the recording down to fit in 3mins - got it to 2:41 with most of the key points luckly! 


My 1 hour I was meant to allocate to sleep disappeared somwhere along the way....


Time to start the report, got me nervous with only about 3.5 - 4 hours to write the report. However based on posts from the OzChi24 team, I'm still on OK timing with expectiations at this 5am point. 


With the video at 50% completion, looking back and ahead the report may struggle abit from the time factors, this competition is definitely designed to be a team activity, very hard/interesting when doing most large jobs on your own.

Midnight update

Into creating assists for the video prototype....

definitely been a good learning experience no matter what the outcome is

Commentary on the challenge and the mini-challenges

I think it is rare in assessment items (at least in my degree) for there to be public posting of other student’s work – it is probably assumed that this is because people fear copying and pasting of ideas and content from one student from another. But In the competition here, we are posting the mini-challenges, and reviewing each others (and our own) individually… And I find that really fascinating. Reading other’s storyboards now, there was a point where I felt “hey, we thought of that too” – it’s a nice feeling to know, understand and think about the other ideas that are progressing alongside yours. 

Mini challange 3!

Mini Challange 3 storyboard!


What is the design in the storyboard? ShareHub. 

ShareHub is a device based on building trust and relationships within currently unconnected communities by giving 'borrowers' and 'loaners' a trusted platform to connect and meet people through, all while increasing the usability of possible shareable resources in these communities. 


1. bob bought a blu ray from the store, but didn't realise his DVD can't play it

2. He goes to his local ShareHub and submits a request 


--- the next day --- 

3. Bob gets a text from Dave,  who was asked by ShareHub to share his blu ray player with Bob. 

4. Bob uses Dave's player. Then he returns it. 


--- some time later --- 

6. Dave needs a chainsaw to cut down a pesky tree. 

-> he knows a builder named Bob who he can borrow one off. 

12 hours in update

With one member still at uni, and one on the road

Over the wall

Hit a large wall trying to brainstorm ideas, but we're over that with 4 to refine further! 

Mini challenge 2 - magic machine

Problem: environments in suburban areas are being polluted by the community 


Design: a drone with 360 degrees camera, face recognition technology and a grabbing claw. When it witnesses littering, it takes a picture, finds the litterer's address, and dumps the rubbish at their house so they have to dispose of the rubbish themself. 

 how it solves problem/what we like about the magic machine:

- takes rubbish out of the environment

- forces people to change their behaviour 

- immediate detrimental affect on the litterer

- takes a photo so repeat offencers can be found by the government 

- actually plausable

- functions can be changed to fine people, etc.


what we dont like:

- intrusive 

- doesn't actually remove the rubbish - rather just reallocates the rubbish

- people may just ignore the magic machine

- people may destroy the magic machine

- expencive 

- there would be limitations on the type of rubbish that can be removed (what if the rubbish is too heavy? etc.)


things we learnt:

- that these emerging technologies can actually be used to solve environmental problems (by reallocating trash)

- learnt how to design imaginative solutions

- learnt that pollution is a viable problem to aim and solve in the actual design challange 




transcript of storyboard:

1: person litters in park

2. drone sees littering happen

3. picks up can

4. drops can at persons house.



Mini-challenge submission

mini challenge submission typed transcript: 


- sharing portable charger


- actor 1: me

- Actor 2: junior (younger friend)


- at social badominton 



- technology device: facilitates sharing interaction

- physical exchange - charger changes hands + use - time based (importance factor foro 'sharing' - the device is not exchanging ownership but being used other)

- relationship - as we interact and my fiend benefits the relationship grows

Mini - challenge begins

With the start of the mini challenge, I've decided to go with a journey map, it's a fairly simple interaction and idea (lending portable charger to another), but it should flesh out with some thought. 

11AM update - slow start

The competitions started, and the first things that we're doing is the Lit reviews, very handy that they were provided to us in the brief, would have been more challanging without them provided though!

Setup complete at QUT's Cube!

OZCHI 2017 Competition

Hi! Welcome to our page for the OzChi 2017 Design Competition! 

We are a small team of two, but will try to compete with the bigger groups. 


We are two Brisbane QUT students, both second year studying IT (Majoring in Information Systems). I also Minor in User Experience (hopefully helpful today) and Japanese. 


I joined the competition to get some more experience with the process (and hopefully add content to a resume if I'm happy with the work afterwards). I originally joined to also get more experience interviewing, but probably won't get the change (though that's ok). 


I'm looking forward to seeing what designs others make (especially the top three) so I can compare theirs to mine and see what I could have done better. 

Hope you enjoy the competition and what we make!